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Motivational Academy - the secret to success!

This course will be of interest to all levels, from Senior Management, across the board. Perfect for anyone wanting to get a fresh perspective in this particular climate.

The 'Motivational Academy' is delivered by our MD Valerie Maclennan and a colleague. Valerie has always been interested in the power of the mind and the spoken word believing that every thought that we think comes back as an experience. That being the case, it is important that we constantly 'guard' our thoughts and only think those thoughts that we wish to have as experiences in our lives. The spoken word also holds great power, as the expression, 'watch what you say as it might come back on you', is very true.

Valerie's background in communication, media and broadcasting are all intertwined as her career all depends on her 'voice and spoken word'. Valerie has developed a 'Motivational Academy' and has invited a colleague to deliver this particular course alongside her. The clients will be receiving a fantastic motivating package, delivered with knowledge yet with fun being the premise; we can all learn in a relaxed manner, compared to the usual formal training.

If you are interested in hearing more about this course, please contact Valerie who will be pleased to explain more fully.

The 'Motivational Academy' course content and objectives are as follows;

Knowing who you are
Never give up
Breaking the barriers of the past
Understanding your value
You become what you believe
Developing a prosperous mind set
Discover the power of your words and thoughts
Choosing the right thoughts
Reprogramming your mental computer
The power of the spoken words
Speaking life changing words
Bridle your tongue
Let go of the past!
Letting go of emotional wounds
Defeating disappointments
Choose to be happy
Happiness is a choice