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In Conversation With Valerie Maclennan...

Valerie Maclennan -
Scotland’s talk show host reveals all!

Macdonald Inchyra Hotel and Spa, Falkirk
Thursday 7th March 2013 at 7.30pm

Valerie Maclennan has produced and hosted live theatre style interview shows over the past few years and has interviewed many well known personalities from the world of entertainment, sport, business leaders, politicians, religious leaders and private individuals.

Valerie's "In Conversation With…" shows have received positive media comments.

Valerie has produced and will be the host of a special one off event on 7th March 2013 at 7.30pm. Valerie has not invited a special guest on to this show as she is going to be her own special guest!

Valerie also offers clients and private individuals self empowerment, self belief and motivational coaching and for this special event Valerie will discuss the above topics and also offer a Q&A session.

" I have learned many lessons over the years observing high achievers, and also people who walk this world with an inner peace and a still confidence that made me wonder what they were doing differently to the rest of the population who have struggle as a daily experience.

" I am living through most of the same challenges as you, running a business in a recession, loss seems to be a word I hear daily in relation to a wide range of aspects of our lives that we had taken for granted in previous years.  I am not offering a magic cure, I am suggesting some straight talking, informative, entertaining, humorous with hopefully for you some light bulb moments! "

The venue will be the Macdonald Inchyra Hotel and Spa in Falkirk as they are supporting Valerie’s new series of "In Conversation With..." shows.

Tickets £10 paid on the door on the evening, but it is recommended that you reserve by emailing - leave your name, and how many tickets you want along with a contact phone number, and collect and pay on the door on the evening.

"Valerie MacLennan’s 'In Conversation With' series is one of the newest events happening in The Venue at Oran Mor and has complimented and added to the arts that we already have on here.

At the moment there is nothing else like this happening in Glasgow and it makes for a very interesting and funny night for the audience. Guests so far have included Jack Black, Tommy Sheridan and Donald Findlay QC. Each show has been very informative about how the guest has got to where they are and gives the public something to take away and think about and possibly inspire them. The feedback has been great so far with many coming back for the next show.

Of course this couldn’t happen without Valerie being able to get the best answers out of her guests! At every show it is easy to tell that Valerie has thoroughly done her research on her guest but it is her rapport with her guests that really shines through making them feel instantly at ease and ready for what essentially is a friendly, funny, informative chat. It also seems to me as if Valerie knows exactly what questions the audience want answered but if there is something that has been missed there is a chance for the audience to have their own Q&A time at the end of the show which only adds to their experience."

Creon Brock
Oran Mor