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Coaching for Woman in Business (Private and Public)

Do you need a fresh injection of enthusiasm and motivation in your life?

Do you need a boost in confidence?

I can help you think about your future without fear. Expand your horizons and set new goals, and achieve them!

Over the years, I have met and spoken with many females in the workplace who feel that they are overlooked, not receiving the recognition that they feel they are worth. Day by day their confidence slips away and they settle for what they have, and all of the dreams and wishes that they used to have lies dormant.

The ambition and desires are still within, but in the cold morning of reality, their thoughts are flooding their minds saying, who do you think you are? There are so many out of work just be grateful you have a job, stop wanting more.

I have lived through a recession, running my own business, and facing challenges on a daily basis. If interested please get in touch and I will be pleased to chat with you, and start to ignite this inner light that has always been there, if only a 'tad' suppressed!

I offer this as a One to One, Confidential Talk, and also to companies in genera

Take some time to think and reflect on what you really want from your career and work in general...